What We Do

Teknowledgies, LLC, provides consulting services in two basic areas: accounting/finance and sales/marketing.


Teknowledgies offers accounting and finance consulting including financial analysis, budgeting, forecasting, costing, risk management, financial system integration, metrics/scorecard development, and policy/procedure implementation.

In addition we can develop and exercise complex monetization models to drive sales, including strategic and tactical plans supported by business/financial analysis. We will create ROI models utilizing multiple revenue streams and go-to-market strategies to support product and service launch decisions and long-term results.

Product Marketing/Management

A key component of any successful company is its product management process. We have decades of experience, education, expertise, and ultimately success is launching and maintain products. We get it. We can help you understand product lifecycle management, including the latest advances such as agile product management, and help you create and manage products that are not only market leaders, but also extremely profitable.

Product marketing is another key expertise for Teknowledgies. We understand all aspects of how to get customers to find, learn about, and ultimately buy your product. This includes PR, print ads, web advertising, SEO/SEM, blogs, Twitter, newsletters, white papers, sales training and incentivizing, and much, much more.

Tom Doherty is the lead consultant on all product management, product marketing, and business development projects.

About teknowledgies

Teknowledgies, LLC, is a Silicon Valley-based consulting service. It was founded by Kim Lain and Tom Doherty who, collectively have over four decades of experience and expertise to offer. Our goal is to provide exceptional business consulting services to companies of all types and sizes.
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